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Each pack is 200g. Please select the quantity (number of packs) needed. For recommended feeding amount, please refer to Feeding Guidelines. 

Our recipes are formulated and balanced by canine nutritionist, Alison Daniel. Featuring a combination of high quality meat, fresh assorted vegetables and supplements for a nutritious and tasty meal for your dog. 

No Preservatives, Additives, By-products, Fillers

Lamb, lamb liver, eggplant, yellow pepper, french beans, cauliflower, blueberries, bonemeal, cod liver oil, organic wheat grass, himalayan crystal salt, organic kelp powder

Lamb recipe is formulated and balanced in accordance with AAFCO & FEDIAF guidelines.

Nutritional content of natural foods vary, sometimes significantly. Use the nutrient content numbers as approximation only.

 Protein 19.3%
Fat 14.32%
Ash 2.13%
Moisture 58.48%
Fiber 1.1%
Net Carbs 4.67%