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Subscribe and Save

Like our food? We highly recommend our subscription service which schedules regular deliveries of fresh food right to your door step. Enjoy discounts and subscription perks. Have complete control - edit your order at any time. 

-Subscribe for 6 months and enjoy 6% discount or subscribe for 12 months and enjoy 10% discount
- Subscription also comes with 1 free birthday cake and 1 free vaccination (worth $35) for your dog. Please contact us to redeem. 

How it works

1. Choose which products you want to subscribe to, the quantity that you want and how often you wish to have it delivered to you (once a week/ every two weeks / once a month)

2. Your order will automatically be placed by the system, based on the frequency that you’ve selected

3. After your order is placed, we will contact you to arrange delivery

4. Feel free to make changes to the items in your subscription order anytime by contacting us

I’ve signed up for a 6 months subscription plan, delivery and billing once every 2 weeks for 10 beef meals and 2 chicken meatballs.

Every 2 weeks, I will automatically be billed and 10 beef meals and 2 chicken meatballs will be arranged to be delivered to me. 

How to subscribe

1. On our website, go to the product that you want

2. Under Purchase Options: select “Subscribe and save”. Select the subscription plan and frequency that you want

3. Enter the quantity that you want and click “Add to Cart”

4. Repeat steps 1-3 for all the products that you want to add to your subscription

5. Checkout your order